I love sitting down at a table with a knife and fork- what i suppose the ajebotas will call proper eating- but how many of us do that these days? but most times, i eat curled up in a chair, plate balanced on my lap;lying on the sofa propped up by cushions(plate resting on tummy);flat on my tummy while I watch the TV(plate on the floor now); and sometimes standing up, plate in one hand, fork in the other. sometimes I eat at the kitchen table. it saves washing up and when I am alone no one can see me anyway. I should also admit eating at the fridge – bits of chocolate, biscuits, roasted chicken (i do always have that in stock), and occasionally, an indulgent bowl of ice-cream at night (midnight). But i have never yet had the courage to pull up a chair to it.

AT TABLE; My first love is eating at the table. i do this even when i eat alone. There is something self respecting about a solitary meal eaten at a properly laid table. I used to think it was self indulgent, almost sad, to go to that much trouble just for myself, but sitting at the table with a linen napkin, a bottle of wine and something to read is the best treat you can give yourself. but i cannot remember the last time I did that. most food these days are eaten on the move.

A table will also bring people together. There is an instant intimacy between people sharing food. Think how much more of a buzz there is between a group of friends clustered round a table than at one of those meals where everyone is spread out across the room, balancing plates on their laps. I think this is something you should all consider when planning a meal for several people.

Part of the pleasure of eating at a table is those fleeting moments of anticipation before the meal is ready. even if you have cooked it yourself and are waiting for it to be ready, there is still a twinge of excitement at things to come, the teasing smell of something almost done. Rather like the time in a restaurant between your order being taken and the food arriving. moments to savor.

Eating at the table, even the most insubstantial of snacks becomes an occasion. breakfast served like this, is one of the greatest joys of living, even if in reality that breakfast consists of nothing more than bread and akara and a coke!! I am not suggesting we do this everyday, for every meal, but often.


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